Thursday, November 30, 2006

PEC Newsletter for 26 Nov Meeting

Hi, I'm Brian, an MC at the Sunday meetings of PEC
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26 November 2006 - Meeting Manager:- enRico Nestler.
Alexander was our MC today, with Bob4you as Open-Forum Moderator.

The 'Speaker' today was Dr. Supanee Chaiwiroj, Board Certified OB-GYN from Pattaya International Hospital. She told us this was the first time she had spoken to a large group, and definitely the first time in English. Within minutes she was relaxed, interesting and humorous. She spoke on - What Men need to know about Women's health - not a subject I thought might grab me readily. I was wrong. She slanted her talk on the differences between our western experiences of regular preventive medicine, and the Thai perspective of going to a hospital only when you're sick. She asked us to help to be responsible for observing possible irregularities in our close Thai partners, and gently persuading them to do something about it - as well as trying to enlighten them on the advantages of regular checkups. We also learnt of some recent discoveries of causes of serious disease. In one particular case an inoculation given to girls between the ages of 9 & 12 would prevent a certain cancer later in life. The good Doctor ran for over an hour, and the audience listened. Excellent!

Open forum questions & information arising from the Meeting:--

We heard instances of expats training at TEFL schools, then not being able to obtain a job & work-permit. Please be aware that a W-P application must contain details of your salary, and must be at least the minimum wage for your nationality (e.g 50K per month for a Brit). Less than this and you will not get a W-P. Many schools cannot afford 50K for a teacher!

New City Hall phone number 038 253 100. Septic Tank emptying for just 300 baht 038 253 276.

Bell Travel (inside the North Road Bus Depot) go to the new airport 7 times every day (0600, 0900, 1100, 1300, 1500, 1700, 1900) and will pick up from your accommodation. They return from the airport 6 times a day (0800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800), price 150 baht one way. Local phone 038 370 055, BKK phone 027 474 675.
Another Bus to the airport leaves Jomtien Chaiyaphuk Road (office is near the beach road) and tickets can be bought 1 day in advance. From Jomtien daily (0900, 1300, 1700, 1930), and from the airport (0900, 1300, 1700, 2000), price 106 baht one way. If you can add any detail to this, please advise.

We heard details of the Bristol Music Bar Soi 6 Jomtien, where every Sunday 1900-2300 'Sunday Unplugged' Jam Sessions are held. All musicians & vocalists are welcome - proceeds to charity. They plan a visit to our club one Sunday, soon.

The Club shop now has long awaited XXXL shirts. Get in quick, they're popular - and BIG!

A personal cheque from your own foreign bank may be paid into a Thai bank account in any currency . There will be some charges, and a long delay before you have access to the funds, but it is much cheaper than a bank-to-bank transfer. Apparently you write the cheque for 'cash', and the amount is entered into your local bank book at the current exchange rate of the day you deposit the cheque. Basically 'exchange now - receive later'.

Take care when withdrawing cash from an ATM. We hear of stories each week of Extra withdrawals listed on statements. Cover the key-pad when entering a PIN, it's easy to record your hand movements with a camera or phone. Do not give your PIN to shop-staff when purchasing with a card, again entering a PIN on a key-board can be recorded.

10 digits are now necessary to call a mobile phone. 9 digits for house phones.

The British Embassy has a Pattaya Office local representative for emergencies. He is Barry Kenyon. Contact 081 782 7363. Barry can authenticate your UK pension or UK bank statements for Immigration purposes if you can show proof.

US Embassy local Pattaya representative for emergencies is Gary Hacker. Contact 089 803 0388.

The PEC next golf group's Monthly Golf Tournament for December is being planned. More info on this event is available from Pattaya People Office (Soi Day Night), Globetrotter (just off Soi 7), and of course PEC Club meetings on Sunday, or contact Ossi Viljanen on 081 851 9620, ( These events are popular and fill up quickly, so sign-up early to avoid disappointment.

Deutschsprachige Treffen. Jeden 1.und 3. Samstag im Monat,10:00 Uhr morgens, im Konferenzsaal des Wat Chaimongkon an der South Pattaya Road. Nachste Treffen: 18. November und 2. December 2006. Jeder ist eingeladen. Info: Erwin 086 009 8497

Why not come along next Sunday morning 10:30am (11:30 program start) to the Grand Solé Hotel (in the Theppraya Room, up on the Mezzanine level), 370 Pattaya 2nd Road (north), near the Pattaya Mail Office. Hotel tel: 038 427 555 Fax: 038 427 550. Half way between TOPS supermarket & BIG-C supermarket - bring a friend.

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See you soon, MC - Brian.