Tuesday, July 05, 2005

PEC Meeting Programme for July 9, 2005

Programme for 9 July 2005 Club Meeting

This coming Saturday our meeting features a variety of themes. A Bangkok based Thai lawyer Khun Poovong Posai will come to discuss the theme of Divorce. Khun Poovong is from the Siam International Law Office, Bangkok, Mobile: 0-1803-4097. DIVORCE ! - If things go wrong in your relationship and you need to divorce your spouse, how do you handle this in a legal, proper and fair way? After his speech the audience can ask questions on various legal matters.

If you like to swim in any hotel pool, are you safe ? What are the cutting edge technologies which now mean you no longer have the smell of chlorine when you go for a dip. Steve Johnson from Island Pools Water Technologies Co Ltd will give a talk on the advances in this area. Commercial swimming pools are the primary target for the Anti Bio technology which features in a number of installations worldwide. In Asia, these include the "Sheraton Grand Laguna" the "Dusit Laguna", the "Laguna Resort in Phuket, the "Banyan Tree Phuket" His company also has over 1000 installations at many hotels in Australia as well as a number of Council Swimming facilities.

Anti Bio is an Australian developed technology employing an Electromagnetic Field coupled with a Sweeping Sound Frequency used in Swimming Pool and water filtration plants. The system has a frequency generating unit, wall mounted. There is no intrusion to existing pipe work/system, so is an easy retrofit. Its completely safe as there is no intrusion of any equipment into the water.

The results are a significant reduction in Pathogens, significantly less chemicals required/used, stable pH, and a reduction in costs. For pools with high chlorine usage, the reduction in Chloramines means that the bathers no longer have to suffer the smell of chlorine. The Anti Bio system actually ionizes the water without any intrusive mechanism’s. its a low cost, maintenance free way to ensure the safety and comfort of your swimming environment and saving anywhere from 25%-55% over chemical expenses.

If he can take time off driving we also hope to have our motorbike taxi philosopher Khun Sombat back with us is week.

Our upper foyer exhibition displays, with the club greeting, programme details and memberships area opposite the staircase has display tables with in depth information from regular contributors. Microphone prompts at 11.10am confirms who is available to consult before the meeting plus our large take-away information centre with leaflets and publications from many services available in Pattaya.

Our MC Brian Maxey will host this weeks show plus our famous OPEN FORUM…. for all your questions about nearly everything !

Richard Ravensdale, Vice President / Meeting Manager