Saturday, March 24, 2007

PEC Program for 25 Mar / Report from 18 Mar 2007

Meeting Programme for Sunday, 25 March, 2007:
Khun Werner Schmidt, will introduce a new bio-pesticide from Germany named "Permedan". This new generation of pest control does not smell, is non-toxic and safe for domestic pets, and kills only cold-blooded insects, such as flies, mosquitos, wasps, fleas, ticks, spiders, etc.
Werner will offer club members deeply discounted bottles and sprays of the insecticide outside the meeting room, on a table in the foyer, if anyone wishes to sample the product.
Our Master of Ceremonies this Sunday will be Brian, and Loran will host the Open Microphone Forum, so come and listen in at 2nd Rd's Grand Sole Hotel, and participate with questions and answers about nearly everything for living safely and legally in Pattaya!
The PEC's DVD and Book Swap will be in the front left of the meeting room. Bring in those books, magazines and DVD's that you've already perused, and swap them out for some new ones! Many thanks to PEC members Ray and Joyce Aldridge for their help with this project!
Events Around Town:
NOTE: The Immigration Office on Soi 5 in Jomtien is now closed on Saturdays.
TEQUILA REEF celebrating 6th Anniversary with Gala Party on 24th March from 6.00pm. Soi 7, Beach Road.--------- And the MC Report from 18 March Meeting:
Hi, I'm Brian, an MC at the Sunday meetings of the Pattaya Expats Club.
To contact PEC email: (
Programme Manager:- Loran. Meeting Manager:- enRico. Alexander was our MC today, with Loran as Open-Forum Moderator.
Please think about helping out at the Pattaya Expats Club Meetings, or in the background during the week. A lot of preparation goes into one of our Meetings. You would be welcome, and you can determine your own level of input. Please contact a 'Maroon Jacket' member at any meeting, or drop us an email.
Our main Speaker today was:- Rotarian and Master Mariner, Captain John Blair, who told us about The Mobility Project In Chonburi Province. This USA-based charity has liased with the Rotarians in Chonburi Province to bring used wheelchairs from the US to Thailand. Most of these wheelchairs need only minor repairs, and are much needed by Thai people with disabilities who cannot afford a wheelchair. John related a very moving story of his visit to a child. This story appears, in full, in Pattaya People Weekly this week. After his talk, Captain John auctioned an old tennis racket to raise money for this project, the Members responded with gusto.
A special delight was in store for all attendees. Steve Watson, Managing Director of Pizzas 'R' Us, wheeled in enough hot pizzas to satisfy all. Steve's new expanded menu, in addition to his tasty pizzas, salads, burgers and fries, now includes Mexican Food, such as the Giant Burrito with Pork, and the Chicken Chimichanga, and has added Set Special Meals which can satisfy any appetite! I had a small slice - it was great!
Ask those questions on living in Thailand - here at the Meeting - during the Open Forum. This feature occurs each week - come and ask the expat experts! :)
This week we acquired an addition to our Production Team. A member decided to assist at our Sunday Meetings. A very warm welcome to Morris Johnson from the US.
Here are some contact numbers for your Bank Cards.Mastercard 02 260 8572, Visa Thailand 02 256 7326, Visa International 02 263 2091, Visa UK +44 1733 318950 (collect), Visa USA +1 800 11 342 0662Amex 02 273 5544, 02 273 0044Diners 02 238 3660Citicorp 02 232 2000 ext 3390Thomas Cook 02 679 5521
According to Forbes there are now 946 known USD Billionaires - with Bill Gates heading the list at - USD56b. I asked the room if there was a billionaire here, and only one admitted it. We all gave him our email addresses! Later when I spoke to him, he said - just ask my wife, she's convinced I'm a billionaire!
The British Embassy's Pattaya Office local representative for emergencies, Barry Kenyon can authenticate your UK pension or UK bank statements for Immigration purposes, if you can show original proof. Contact 081 782 7363.
US Embassy local Pattaya representative for emergencies is Gary Hacker. Contact 089 803 0388.
Why not come along next Sunday morning 10:30am (11:30 program start) to the Grand Solé Hotel (in the Theppraya Room, up on the Mezzanine level), 370 Pattaya 2nd Road (north), near the Pattaya Mail Office. Hotel tel: 038 427 555 Fax: 038 427 550. Half way between TOPS supermarket & BIG-C supermarket - bring a friend.
For location: (
PEC website:- ( Blogg:- ( email:- (
See you soon, MC - Brian.


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