Thursday, August 25, 2005

Our planned Club Programme for August 27, 2005

Hope you are all having a good time being healthy and wealthy and happy in paradise.

As usual, we have a good meeting to present to you. Our main speaker is Stuart Saunders who wanted to become a philosopher but misspelled the name and since then he is a FLOSSIFY, a specialist in Oral Hygiene.

There are many new aspects in this type of hygiene. Hardly a week goes by without hearing a new report about oral hygiene and its benefits for general health as opposed the harm caused from poor oral hygiene.

Stuart has being studying the subject since inventing his credit card floss dispenser twelve years ago, and has being marketing it throughout the world.

There is a money back guarantee against halitosis and Stuart will show you how you can guarantee fresh breath and keep your teeth forever.

We have received an interesting bit of news for you. The 2nd Annual Flying Farangs open Golf tournament will be held this coming Saturday at the Siam Country Club. Bangkok Flying Farangs Ice Hockey Club is a group of expats (mostly Canadians) who share a love and a passion for Ice Hockey, but also like to knock the odd golf ball around. The format will consist of a 2 players Scamble. Entry fee is 2,200 Baht net per person which includes greens fees, caddie fees and post match dinner and prizes. Dinner is at Henry J. Bean at Amarit – just 500 baht if you don’t want to play golf

Check their website at

For more information about their golf day please contact the THAI CANADIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, and book online

Our club is a great way to meet new and old friends, and renew acquaintances. It’s also a good learning place to pick up new interests while we all enjoy life in Pattaya. During our open forum, Brian Maxey our super duper great motivator is there to coordinate all of your questions regarding Visas, Work Permits, Buying, Selling or Renting a home/condo, or starting a business.

We will have our sponsors available for your consideration plus Members Information Center, Immigration table being hosted by Peter Meuleman and Darren McGarry and our Club shop offering Polo-Shirts and caps ( in both black and red) with the Pattaya Expats Logo.

Your Meeting Manager will advise you on the Door Prizes in the Weekly Lucky Draw and Denis Laurin at the Membership Table will be happy to show you how to become a member.

We look forward to welcoming you next Saturday.

Denis Laurin, Speaker Program Manager.

New Pattaya TV Channel for Expats

Around the clock expats TV channel in Pattaya

On the 1st of September a new TV channel will be launched, broadcasting 24 hours a day. It will be an Expats Channel, focusing on local news and information. The name is PATTAYA PEOPLE CHANNEL, which will air on Channel 6, Sophon Cable TV.

The new channel will bring us the most important local news, but will also provide loads of useful information for expats living in and around Pattaya. That’s why we are pleased that the new TV channel will pay a lot of attention to the activities of the Pattaya Expats Club, as our aim is also to inform the expats living here as good as possible, so they can enjoy a better and safer life and stay legally. Pattaya People Channel will preview and cover the Saturday Meetings of the Pattaya Expats Club in the Grand Sole Hotel and do extensive interviews with our guest speakers. But they will also follow the other functions closely, like charity fund raisers, social activities or the Golf Section.

The Pattaya Expats Club is grateful to Pattaya People for always supporting our Club so tremendously and giving us the opportunity to convince its viewers of the significance of our Club. Now the airtime will be stretched so substantially - a 4 hour programme that will be repeated - it will even enlarge our chance to reach out to the expats and our Club Members.

Managing Director of Pattaya People Channel Niels Colov has also stated that he is most willing to offer free airtime to any member of our Club who wants to do an interesting or important announcement, which will give him or her a unique chance to reach an audience of over 100,000 persons.