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August 13, 2006 Meeting of the PEC

Press Report on our Sunday 13th August 2006 meeting

Our feature speaker Khun Tong from Apisada Hot House Spa described the Hot House device (pictured left). The product, which arches over the body transmitting ‘far infrared rays’ – FIR, the most beneficial rays produced by the sun, thermally heating the target area of treatment. It increases blood and lymphatic flow and removes toxins, says the literature, via induced vibrations.

It has to be said that there was a great deal of mirth mingled with the enthusiasm of our members in attempting to come to grips with the complexities of the benefits that apparently emerge from the outwardly simple looking devices. It does however have to be said that a room full of farang with a few years of Pattaya life under their belt tend to be skeptical at best.

The Chi machine (pictured on the right) is the device seen here beneath the heels of one of our members, who bravely offered himself as a guinea pig, to authenticate the demonstration. Remarkably, though the device was only in contact with our victim’s feet, his whole body jiggled about like a big blob of ‘flubber’. However, said ‘guinea pig’ came to no harm and claimed to feel refreshed by the experience.

On the left our ‘guinea pig’ is being tested, to see if his ‘Chi’ has gained in strength during the short demonstration. The simmering mirth among our members broke into guffaws of laughter as our guinea pig enthusiastically resisted the pushing and pulling of the demonstrators. He it seemed is a natural showman and a bit of a comedian too.

The Chi machine is described as having the effect of providing a passive therapeutic massage and was ‘developed’ by Dr Shizuo Inoue, president of Japan Oxygen Foundation, as a result of his 38 years of research. The machine is essentially a foot rest which slowly jiggles the feet, and so moves body organs to and fro sideways. The exercise that it provides in 15 minutes use is said to be equivalent to the oxygenation the body gets from a brisk 90 minute walk. The Chi machine is also said to provide steady weight correction, more energy, encourage restful sleep, and while balancing the spine, improves immune system.

David Dallimer, our clubs new Press Officer was introduced to the members by Richard Ravensdale. David gave a short explanation as to the clubs goal’s and objectives in our planned attempt to raise the profile of our club throughout the wider community. David added that it is hoped that increased press coverage will benefit farang readers through conveying useful information about the life of farang in Thailand and how a club like ours is able to provide a viable environment for the exchange of information and ideas that will enable members to live safely and legally in Thailand.

Niels Colov – President seen on the left receiving a brilliant reproduction of the ‘Mona Lisa’ on the occasion of his birthday and in recognition of his unstinting support of our club. The presentation is being made by Richard Ravensdale, vice president of our club.

Charity activity and Events Niels Colov informed the members that the board have decide to award three scholarships to needy children during the coming week.

The initiative is being taken by the Pattaya YWCA and our small award will go forward with the 2,000 awards that have been pledged though the YWCA. These funds are to be given to needy Banglamung school children to enable their continuing education which would not be possible without charitable help.

Niels Colov also invited members to join some Thai movie stars and local Thai Notable gentlemen at a celebrity birthday party organised by a former City Council member. Our club members have been invited to mix with high ranking Thai's at a 12 rai estate, which has 'five a side' football pitches. At the function there will be a team competition featuring England, France, Germany and Ireland, plus a show match with Pattaya VIPs vs. Thai movie stars. Plenty of food and beverages and Guest of Honour will be the City Mayor.

Presentation Richard Ravensdale thanked the ‘Grand Sole Hotel’s’ Catering Manager and his staff (pictured on the right) for serving our members so well during the last month. Richard presented them all with a modest gratuity collected by our members in recognition of their hard work.

Open Microphone Forum This week our trusty Brian Maxey took time out as our M.C. while Richard Ravensdale (pictured left), our Vice President took over the dual role of MC and our open forum moderator. Fewer Members were present this holiday weekend but those present were keen participants with questions and answers which were primarily focused on an immigration anomaly.

Q. Specifically the question was how best to approach immigration in disparate countries when family member has dual Thai-British nationality, when traveling to Europe on a British passport. Would he/she, even though a Thai citizen, have to acquire a tourist visa to re-enter Thailand upon their return? Many suggestions were offered from the floor, during which our Brian Maxey magically appeared in the midst of his day off and gave a credible dissertation of how one should approach immigration when re-entering Thailand in such circumstances.

A. An alternative suggestion is travel with two passports, one Thai and one British, use the Thai passport to leave and re-enter Thailand and the British passport to enter and leave Europe, thus avoiding the need for a visa at either end of the journey.

Q. A member requested an explanation for an additional sum in his electricity bill?

A. ‘FT’ is short for fuel tax. During this time of elevated oil prices the additional fuel cost to the generating companies is being passed on to the consumer.

Q. Will the restrictions on carry on luggage in Europe and the USA affect departures from Thailand?

A. It is thought that the Thai authorities will follow the Occidental rule as usual, so yes you can expect carry on luggage restrictions at Thai airports.

Q. What is this about cell phone numbers, Will we need a new SIM card?

A. No you don’t need a new SIM card. From September 1st all cell phone numbers will have an addition number ‘8’ added after the first ‘0’ of the number. We can edit our cell phone address book ourselves or take to the phone representative office of the ‘carrier’ (D-tac, 1-2-call, etc) and they will do it for us. (see PEC website for phone info:

Q. A member asked where he could but ‘L’ Plates which he needs because he is teaching his Thai partner to drive.

A. In Thailand people are taught to drive ‘Off Road’ so they don’t need ‘L’ Plates. There is an off road driving practice ground that is owned by a local Temple and is used by Pattaya driving Schools. Members of the public can use this site to teach there partner to drive ‘out of hours, i.e. evenings and weekends. The practice ground overlooks Mapprachan Reservoir on the opposite side of the road to Wat Nongprue.


• A member told of his Post Office Box having had its lock changed and been sold to another visitor. So if you have a PO box check it out soon. This member had been using the same PO box for ten years and did not receive any notification of this change.

• The Royal Thai Consulate in Birmingham England has changed address so be sure you have the new address before you make a new application.

• A member is selling off his personal library of English books. If you wish to buy any please let Brian Maxey, our MC know.

• Brian Maxey reminded members that the lowest tariff overseas call to the UK can be accessed by prefixing the number to be dialed with 009-44 and of course you leave out the first ‘0’ of the subscribers number. See PEC website for phone info:

• A destitute British Citizen is lying in hospital, the club wishes to know if there is any local charity that can help him.

• A member recalled treatment at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital which in his view was covered by the club group policy that he had purchased. However, the hospital tried to insist that he pay cash and claim the cost back from the insurer him-self. This is in contravention of our agreement with the hospital. He argued his point strongly and at last the hospital agreed to bill our insurer direct. So if you find yourself in a similar circumstance dig your heels in and get the same result.

Lucky Draw Our Lucky Draw prizes were of dinners for two at the Premiership and other fine restaurants around the city, such as Jameson’s and The Globetrotter, another great reason to be a member and to come into the Pattaya Expats Club next Sunday 1130 am at The Grand Sole Hotel, 2nd Rd.


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