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MCs meeting report 26 Nov 2005

The MC newsletter for 26 November 2002 meeting - A great, very laid-back meeting. Richard returned from his busy life in Nepal, for a much needed R&R. He is indeed welcome back in the PEC family.

I went to the 'circus' last week. Both my wife & son saw it for the very first time. She was awed, but he seemed slightly bored by most of it. I remembered back to my young days of circus visits, and how I had loved the experience. I suppose these days the 'special effects' of both movies & cartoons leaves the actual skills involved in a 'high wire' act as pretty mundane. What a shame, another small piece of 'innocence' gone forever!

We're rapidly heading into the 'festive season'. It is planned for the 24 December meeting to be more of a members party theme. We spend the year planning your entertainment - why not get together and entertain us for a change. Come with your ideas next Saturday & see the 'Managers'. We need you! Also, please bring a 'gift' with you on Saturday, wrap it, label it 'Boy" or 'Girl', and drop it in the box in the foyer. Please, please we need your help!!

More 'first-time' attendees this week. One couple were delighted to receive advice on Condo purchase. They may have been about to fall into a money-transfer 'trap'. Their 'agent' had suggested they transfer the purchase funds into his bank account, thus failing to obtain the necessary 'funds from abroad' authority. I hope they all enjoyed their experience with us & will return, with a friend. They are indeed very welcome.

The 'raffle' of a house in Phuket is a slow progress as we are looking at the legal ramifications of such a process. There is the question of 'foreign ownership' regarding the winner. More news should be forthcoming at a near future date. Watch this space.

You have until the end of December 2005 to register your Thai 'pre-paid' mobile phone SIM-card. After this date an unregistered SIM may not work. Details are at our website:

House-rental available now. The owner is just an expat 'friend' who asked me to promote this. A two-storey 'town house', 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large lounge, 'western style' kitchen, front patio, private road access, easy parking for a large vehicle. 12,000 baht per month for a 1 year contract. In the city of Pattaya, quite near 3rd Road. Contact MC, Brian.

Derrick 'the balloon' spent a lot of time & effort fashioning neck supports for our 'radio' microphones. We didn't use them on Saturday as there was some concern over frying of the brain by electromagnetic waves. We have passed them on to the 'bomb squad' for evaluation, and if they are passed as fit for humans (or at least your Production team) they will get an airing soon. Don't give up Derrick.

Open forum questions & information arising from Saturday:--

'Red' number plates on a vehicle impose restrictions of use. Remember your vehicle is not yet registered for road use. The application of 'red plates' is to allow limited use of the vehicle - LOCALLY. Two rules apply: you cannot drive the vehicle out of the local registration area - and you cannot drive it between 1800 (6:00pm) and 0600 (6:00am). Members report many instances of Police intervention - and fines. Also some people spoke of 'red plates' being found to be bogus (counterfeit) - further Police action. Apparently there is a way of signalling your intent to travel out of area (a one-off arrangement), and getting permission - more later.

This week I think we had 12 'door prizes'. I don't just mean 'trinkets', I mean grand prizes such as 'dinner for two' at various restaurants, and free 'tailored' outfits. It's a 'Members Only' draw, so you'll need two photos (2.5cm x 2.5cm) to join.

A member said he had not received a discount from PIH (Pattaya International Hospital) when he last visited. PIH have not signed up as 'discount givers', they are a 'sponsor' of the club at the meeting offering free information & 'blood tests'. However we will approach them to see what can be arranged.

Those members interested in improving (or discovering) a 'Golf Swing', should contact our Head Pro Ossi Viljanen. He gives 'free' lessons to members on a Sunday. 018519620, (ossigolf@yahoo.com).
Next Golf Tournement 20th December - sign up at the meeting soon.

To obtain a copy of the great book of Farang guidance to living in Thailand by Khun Ponthep Werachon (Lawyer), constantly updated, 200 baht. Contact 014234255, office 038300967, (http://www.werachonlaw.com), Thepprasit Road.

The new 2-year temporary PEC membership card expires 31 December 2007 - price 300 baht. Don't wait until current expiration to renew - please come early & help the transition - AND - life begins at PEC, just 600 baht.

The PEC shop is open at the meeting each Saturday. Club logo 'Polo Shirts' (various sizes) red or black, 'T-shirts' & 'Base Ball Caps' (adjustable) red or dark blue. Members wearing a 'Club Polo Shirt' will get special attention.

Our 'Meeting Manager' Stephen Wilson was away sick this week. Hurry back Steve, Al & Richard missed you.

If you know of an individual, or a company, that you would like to see as 'speaker of the week' contact Denis Laurin. I have heard the comment "why do we have the same old subjects over and over", well, a first class opportunity for you to help change that. Give Denis your suggestions and let him arrange something with them. Please do not fix dates without contacting Denis first. (djlauri@loxinfo.co.th).

Try our website's new 'search' facility - find that illusive article easily.

The increasingly popular German Speaking group is now so big it meets prior to the International Group, downstairs in the restaurant terrace area, on the 1st & 3rd Saturday in the month (3rd & 17th December), 10:30 am. email address: (pattayaexpatsclub@web.de)
The International Group meeting is every Saturday, upstairs on the Mezzanine Level, at the Grand Solé Hotel, 2nd Road. 11:00 am. One yellow ticket allows entry to both meetings

In keeping with Thai Law, there is NO SMOKING allowed anywhere in the Auditorium or Foyer, or the downstairs meeting area, but two outside terraces are available. Private conversations, and telephone calls are best in the Foyer, where you will find all our Sponsors.

We always have to cut short the 'Open Forum' Q&A segment of our meetings, no matter how early we start. Come and join in, it's great fun!

Please dress appropriately for the hotel setting. As is often said - a tuxedo is not required, but a sleeveless vest is unacceptable. Our meeting is frequently attended by Thais, and Thai culture is governed by respect. The young respect the elderly, because the elderly respect the young. The way you dress tells people how you respect yourself. You will be refused entry if inappropriately dressed.
Low cost polo-shirts with our club logo on are on sale in the foyer.

Why not come along next Saturday 11:00am (1130 program start) at the Grand Solé Hotel, 2nd Road, between Central Road & North Road - introduce a friend - 'free parking' - bring pen & paper.

See you soon, The MC.

The Club's aim is to gather information from long-term Expats of their experiences of living here in Thailand. If you would like to ask us for information, please remember that information is gained from those actual experiences. We are not connected with any Official Regulatory Body.
The various 'RULES' regarding Visas, Health Insurance, Property Ownership, Driving & Vehicle Ownership, Marriage, Divorce, Wills, Business Enterprise, etc., are widely available from many official sources (e.g. Embassies, Immigration Offices, Government internet websites). The strongest message from our members is that interpretation of these 'rules' into 'English' can vary when applied by different offices.
Please be aware that if you are involved in any illegal activity in Thailand, we can NOT advise you how to evade the consequences. To do so would be considered a criminal act, "conspiracy to pervert the course of justice".

Pattaya Expats Club website:-
email: info@pattayaexpatsclub.com

Links within our website:-
Driving Tips link - http://www.pattayaexpatsclub.com/drivinginthailand.htm

Visa Tips link - http://www.pattayaexpatsclub.com/visainformation.htm

Telephone Tips link - http://www.pattayaexpatsclub.com/telephonetips.htm

Newsletter link - http://www.pattayaexpatsclub.com/currentnewsletter.htm

Q&A Forum - http://s8.invisionfree.com/expats/index.php?
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Thailand Immigration website:-
http://www.imm.police.go.th (For Email - imm@police.go.th)

Pattaya Immigration website:-

90 day address confirmation:-

T.M.47 form for a visa extension:-

Phuket Provincial Employment Office - for Work-Permit advice:-

Thai Consulate (UK) website with good visa information:

Immigration Bureau Headquarters, Soi Suan Plu, South Sathorn Road, Sathorn District, Bangkok 10120 Tel. 02.287.3117


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