Thursday, July 28, 2005

Pattaya Expats Club events for July 30, 2005

Planned Programme for 30 July 2005 Club Meeting

Don’t miss out this coming Saturday!

August 1st, is YORKSHIRE DAY and all members of the PATTAYA EXPATS CLUB are invited to the regular Saturday meeting of the 30th of July to help the Yorkshire expats celebrate.

This special event is being sponsored by the LIBERTY GROUP as two of the founders of this Company are proud Yorkshire men. They will be providing FREE YORKSHIRE PUDDING and gravy plus some other Yorkshire delights. So make sure you come along with friends, whether you were lucky enough to be born in Yorkshire or not. Even Lancastrians are welcome.

Denis Laurin wrote:

Hi everyone,

I’m back at my old desk and happy to contribute my bits and pieces, so here we go:

Our guest speaker this coming Saturday is none other then Khun Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, Director of the Central Region office 3 from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

He will conduct an interactive open forum thereby feel free to bring your questions about attractions to visit around and about the Chonburi Province and, believe me, there are plenty.

There will be. as usual, our esteemed sponsors to answers your queries, the ladies corner and the Immigration desk - plus our PEC caps and sweaters for your enjoyment.

Doors prizes will be drawn and you can ask your Meeting Manager what they are as you enter.

Have a super meeting and don't forget to bring a friend.



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