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Pattaya Expats Club Newsletter May 11, 2005

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E NEWSLETTER 11 May 2005
Dear Pattaya Expats Club Members & Friends

For all Pattaya's Expats, come and join us at our new venue at THE
GRAND SOLE HOTEL, Second Road, Pattaya. (Mid-way between Central
Road and North Road, on the right hand side, going towards the
Dolphin roundabout.
PEC will be part of promoting this event and PATTAYA PEOPLES NEWS
TV through Niels generosity will also help this worthy cause of Dr.Phillipe
HEARTT for your info is: Help Erase Aids Rescue Together Thailand.
Tickets are 200 Baht which includes one free drink. Everyone
Welcome. For more info and details 0 4128 4484.
GUEST SPEAKERS LINE UP 14 May 2005. Supplied by Denis Laurin
Dear All:

Another Saturday, another good couple of hours of socialising and
information, in the excellent meeting room of the Grand Sole Hotel.
Our guest speaker for this week is from the Bangkok Pattaya
Surprise subject:
Khun Sombat, our famous motorbike taxi driver will be back with
humour and special wit.
On the weekly Draw, we have our regular but ever so popular
Jameson's Irish Pub Dinner for two.
IN-Fusion, a new venue on Thappraya Road near Soi 5 past the
mini-golf on your way to the beach. The new cuisine includes
Fruits and Chocolate fondue this week with excellent Thai &
European choices of wines. Subway in Carrefour continues its
good habit of giving our members 4 vouchers for free sandwiches
Enjoy yourselves, see you this Saturday and don't forget to
bring a friend.
It is fair to say that at the moment the Pattaya Expats Club is a
high flyer indeed, and only the sky seems to be the limit. Today
the Club Shop opened, another fundraising evening event was
announced, they're on the radio and, symbolic or not, the record
prize at the Weekly Lucky Draw was a flight for 2 to Madagascar.
After the German section rounded off their fist 10.00 clock
breakfast meeting, from 11.00 o'clock the many attendants of the
international meeting of the Pattaya Expats Club entered the room
in the Grand Sole Hotel to enjoy their Thai or western style
breakfast and read the latest weekly Expats Information-bulletin,
telling them everything about upcoming events and what's going on
within the club.
Before the kick off at 11.30, Club President Niels
Colov showed off the first collection of quality men's and women's
polo shirts and baseball caps, both designed with the club logo (or
should I say brand), now on sale for only 200 baht. MC Brian Maxey
then explained to the newcomers the goal of the meeting, which
principally is expats helping expats, and mentioned the extensive
website of the club (, mastered by Pete
Mills, where you also have the chance to ask all kinds of
He then told us where you can get an international
driver's license for 550 baht; while others charge up to 8.000 baht
(he will put the information in the next newsletter on the website,
which is sent to1,600+ people worldwide). He had figured out the
members have their roots in about 25 different countries. In an
entertaining and informative way he paid attention to the national
days of Paraguay and Israel.

The guest speaker was Howard Noble, the Regional Sales Development
Manager Asia for Air Madagascar, who since June 2004 fly to Bangkok
and plan to expand their services to other South East Asian
destinations. So far they navigate Boeings or twin otters to 40
local airports, 20 regional destinations (mainly in Africa) and to
Paris and Milan. He showed a DVD of the airline company that
provides service, safety and comfort and uses the latest info
technology, so you can make reservations by e-mail. After that he
told us quite a lot about Madagascar, the 4th biggest island on the
globe, situated South East of the African continent.
From an ecological point of view it is a very rich country, famous for its
lemur-monkeys, great landscape, beautiful beaches and sensational
trees. In a PowerPoint presentation Howard showed us some of the
breathtaking sights. The people of Madagascar are very friendly,
good hotels can be found everywhere, it's an ideal place for
diving, surfing, tracking, hiking and biking, but you can also do
good shopping, the inexpensive food is delicious and the local beer
and coffee are recommended. The upcoming animation film
Madagascar-the movie of Stephen Spielberg with voices of Chris Rock
and David Schwimmer, about run away animals from a New York zoo
that end up on the island, will be a priceless promotion for
Madagascar. After answering questions from the interested crowd,
about visa's, safety, religion, traffic and more Howard left stage
and got a well deserved big hand.
Niels took stage again and informed us of some upcoming events:

On Sunday June 5, at 18.00 the second big evening event will be
organized by the Pattaya Expats Club. After the huge success of the
dinner with the Pattaya Police Chief, resulting in more than
160.000 baht to refurbish police cars, now a Bingo will be held at
the Grand Sole Hotel. Tickets cost only 200 baht, including a
buffet-dinner, the first Bingo-game (after that it is 50 to 200
baht each game) and a chance to win in the lucky draw. An exciting
and funny family event, with lots of valuable prizes. From the
benefits a server will be bought for the Immigration Police to
install in their new office in Jomtien, so they will be the first
in Thailand to provide on line internet services, which makes the
life of expats in Pattaya a bit easier again.

On Saturday 21 of May there will be a fundraising party at
Sammy's Lounge & Bar in Sunee Plaza, off Soi Yensabai in South
Pattaya. Revenue go to Heartt 2000 helping Dr. Philippe Seur care
for aids victims. The evening is organized in association with
Liberty Computers, a sponsor of the Pattaya Expats Club. For more
info call 0-4128-4484 (Chris).
Then Niels announced that the Pattaya Expats Club is now on the
radio everyday from 9.00 AM till midnight on "One O Eight Pattaya
Talk FM" (108.00 mega hertz FM). In between Thai and old fashioned
western music (requests possible) news from the club and Pattaya
People Television will be broadcast. Thanks go out to Khun Paisan
Bundityanon, owner of Rabbit Resort, Pattaya and a Honorary Board
Advisor of the Pattaya Expats Club, who has put enormous effort in
this project.
The weekly free lucky draw for club members is an attraction of its
own and now had in store the biggest prize ever, a roundtrip for 2
persons to Madagascar with Air Madagascar. It was guest speaker
Howard Noble who offered this spectacular 36.000 baht prize and he
was asked to draw the ticket. Never before has a winner put his
hand in the air as quickly as this one did. It turned out to be a
newcomer, who, happily for him, had immediately signed in as a
member and could show his card, which the club produces within
minutes .As if it was not enough, there were also 2 dinners for 2
at Jameson's, the great Irish Pub & Restaurant near the Grand Sole
Hotel, both prizes were won by ladies, and 4 vouchers for big fresh
quality sandwiches of Subway on the ground floor of Carrefour,
which were also gladly collected by the winners.
As usual the final part of the meeting was the Open Microphone
Forum, where expats who have questions seek the help of the other
expats present. Before it started Brian briefed us shortly about
the activities of the ladies group, who have their get together
from 12.00 outside the room. Today they witnessed a detoxification
demo by Baan Sabaijai, a club sponsor. The ladies also do quite a
lot of (sport) activities throughout the week. He also told us that
the helpdesk of the immigration police outside the meeting room,
now also has leaflets in French and German languages and he made us
aware of a change in the policy regarding a long term visa. Then he
told us of a children's march and festival on May 15, that will be
held because of Norway's national day & Children's day. The start
is at the Kontiki restaurant at the Jomtien Complex and they will
go all the way to Soi Norway. Among the themes that were discussed
during the forum were the complex telephone bills of TOT, how to
make cheap international phone calls, tax problems while driving a
2nd hand vehicle (see the advice of Brian in his next newsletter),
medical declarations regarding to visa applications,
air-conditioners for big events, where to find a razor repair shop,
how to make CD's from vinyl 45's and LP's and somebody was looking
for an acquaintance he couldn't contact. All people were helped in
a way and as Brian reminded us to switch on our handies again, the
meeting came to an end and the fasten your seatbelt sign went out.
But outside a lot of socialising went on and people looked around
at the sponsor stands, asked questions at the immigration helpdesk
or purchased the hot Pattaya Expats Club fashion.
Peter Visser
Hi, I'm Brian Maxey (
7 May meeting - Onward & upward - it just gets better & better.
Thanks guys! Good to be a part of it.
Please retain the large part of your Saturday Meeting entry ticket
as your proof of purchase & verification for the Lucky Draw Winner
to claim the prize (you'll need to show your membership card too).
There is a choice of food style at the buffet. Western or Thai -
it's just a question of preference. Same price!
There were more "Member's Free Lucky Draw Awards". Well worth
becoming a member, just for this. Lucky winners received free
dinner tickets to restaurants - others won tickets to 'Fast Food' -
but the best we've ever had must be the 2 free air-tickets
for a round trip to Madagascar. More next week! See details
elsewhere in this newsletter.
Two National Days coming up:
Norway - Constitution Day May 17
Cuba - Independence Day May 20
If you know details of any of these 'national days', or if we have
'forgotten someone' please contact Brian.
Open forum questions & information arising from Saturday:
Khun Ponthep (PEC Lawyer) contact 014234255
Bangkok Pattaya Hospital are promoting a wireless internet service
for patients. WiFi is available in 3 locations inside the building.
Bring your own laptop, and you can borrow an adaptor - you will
need a card purchased from 'Customer Services', available in 100 -
300 - 500 baht values (100 baht will last around 30 minutes).
William would (still) like to get his old vinyl records, 33's &
45's, transposed to CD. Can you help? The problem is getting hold
of a 'record player' - remember those?
A quick update on the topic of Nationwide Bank accounts in the UK.
The 'Flex Account' offers a cheque book, a debit card and a credit
card. You have to prove your ID (not a problem as a passport is OK
for this). But what could prove more problematic for expats is that
you also have to prove a current UK address. Acceptable proof of
address is a public utilities bill dated within 3 months or a
council tax bill dated within 12 months. The advantage is that no
transaction charges are made for international ATM use - a good
exchange rate (more than 75 baht to the pound recently). Other
banks charge UKP 6 to 7 per withdrawal.
We get far fewer questions relating to visas these days. Mainly
because Peter Meuleman our Immigration representative attends the
meeting to answer your questions, and now has the various 'rules' &
information in Thai, English & French. German language soon.
The biggest news this week: Immigration is pursuing the 'proof' of
money in the bank coming from overseas. Proving to be difficult in
some cases as you are required to prove it 'each time' for all the
Also our website carries details of all the different visas:
International telephone calls from Thailand. CAT (and many small
mini-marts) sell a "phone Net" card (300 or 500 baht) that attracts
charges of 6 baht-min (when you use the 009 prefix) to most popular
destinations. A survey at the meeting found 4 people who used it &
loved it, and 1 had no success. Cards are valid for 1-year after
initial use. Thanks Jay.
An International Driving Licence can be obtained in Thailand (for
use ONLY outside Thailand) from the Thailand Transport Office in
Bangkok. Recent enquiries from local agents were: 8000, 5000 & 2500
baht fee, and take 1 week - or 550 baht and take 30 minutes from
the office direct. You need 2 small photos, a local licence, proof
of accommodation, passport. Plus copies of each. Call
02-2723614/5/6. Thanks William.
Buyer BEWARE...when buying a used motor vehicle: car, truck or
motorcycle. Ensure the vehicle is transferable and that the
registration is current. This is a very important consideration
when buying any vehicle. Check to be sure the seller is the person
named in the vehicle's registration book as the current owner.
Also, verify that the vehicle license has been annually updated and
it is current. In the case of a seller who is representing the
owner, you will need the seller to sign the transfer papers in
order to transfer the vehicle ownership to your name. If you do not
do this dire consequences may result, such as a fine for outdated
registration or even jail if the prior registered owner reports the
vehicle as stolen. However, these problems can be overcome. Visit
our website to see how. Thanks Jay.
An email from a member asked if we could make a 'Dress Code' for
the meeting. Progress has been made on this topic, with a majority
agreeing to the following: We will not allow inappropriate dress.
This means for men a minimum of a full T-shirt and dress shorts. We
meet in a Hotel + Thailand has street laws on acceptable dress, off
the beach. When we are a guest in someone's home, we should show
respect. It was noted that we rarely have cause for complaint to
ladies on this subject, why is it men are so casual?
We, the 'team', have just got nice new maroon jackets, and the
tables actually have cloth covers. We are air-conditioned and we
wouldn't want you to catch a chill. Please comply as a refusal can
be embarrassing.
Sunday 15 May sees a Children's Fun Day & March, all to commemorate
Norway's Independence from Sweden in 1905. Starting 1100 from
Kontiki in Jomtien Complex, and marching up the hill towards
Pattaya, then turning right into Soi Norway and on to Baan Sabai
Jai, where more fun will ensue. Come and join the marching band
from Bangkok. All are welcome.
It seems we have a majority of British members (perhaps they are
the only ones who can understand my accent). 2:1 compared to USA, &
7:1 compared to Australians. We have 6 Bangladeshis, but only 4 New
Zealanders, and we only have 1 more member from France than we do
from Malaysia. And there are more 'life members' than renewable.
Funny old world, eh.
I heard a truly wonderful phase used to describe someone. He called
her a 'professional friend-maker'.
We always have to cut short the Q&A no matter how early we start.
Come and join in, its great fun!
If you would like to offer your services, and 'volunteer' to assist
our Club in any way you choose, please contact Denis our 'Meeting
Check out our website for tips to cut your phone costs -
This Newsletter is always available on our website, and separately
on our 'BLOG' site.
The Club's 'Chat Forum' link is: You will need to set
up a username the first time you visit, but the forum is an
excellent place to 'talk' to people worldwide about anything you
want to know - try it.
Please note the German Language group have now moved to a new time
10:00 on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month - e.g. 21st May,
4th June, and 18th June.

If you attend the German Language group, you are welcome to stay on
for the International event. Your entry ticket covers both events.
Vegetarian options are not possible at the Buffet Table, and also
the hotel cannot supply Decaffeinated Coffee, although they do
provide 'low-fat' & 'low-calorie' sweetener. However, hot water is
available for your own sachets of choice.
There is NO SMOKING anywhere in the Auditorium. There are two
balconies available for smoking, private conversations, and
telephone calls.
Keep the emails coming, tell us what you think of our club & it's
many aspects, in it's new venue. Tell us what you like, tell us
what you think is missing, tell us anything you want - always happy
to know someone's listening.
Why not join us next Saturday 11:00am (1130 program start) at the
Grand Solé Hotel, 2nd Road (north) (between Tops & Big C
supermarkets) - introduce a friend. Plenty of 'free parking'. Bring
pen & paper.
Off on a Visa Run this week, so MIGHT see you Saturday.
MC, Brian.
The Pattaya Expats Club is honoured to have the following
General Chatchai Tammaraksah, Personal General to His Majesty the
Khunying Tidarat Tammaraksah, Assistant to Her Majesty the Queen
Khun Niran Wattanasasatorn, Mayor of Pattaya City
Khun Chanyut Hengtrakool, Member of Parliament
Pol. Col. Somnuk Changate, Superintendent of Pattaya Police Station
Pol. Col. Ittipol Ittironnachai, Superintendent of Pattaya
Immigration Police.
Khun Sansak Ngampiches, Owner of Grand Sole Hotel and senior
politician in Pattaya
Khun Revat Phonlookin, Vice-Chairman of Chonburi Provincial Council
Khun Sanga Kitsamrej, Owner of the SK Group of companies and
President of UPE
Khun Surat Mekavarakul, Owner of Mike business group
Khun Paisan Bundityanon, Owner of Rabbit Resort Pattaya
Khun Somchai Manothavorn, Advisor to the Mayor of Pattaya
Khun Sopin Theppajug, Owner of Diana Group of companies
Dr. Prasan Stianrapapongs, Specialist in Preventative Medicine at
Bangkok Pattaya Hospital
Kru Yodthong Senanan, Most respected teacher of Thai Boxing
Khun Porramate Inthornchumnom, Prosecutor at Pattaya Court
Khun Suttikorn Jearpaitoon, Owner of Alangkarn Pattaya
Khun Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, Director, Tourist Authority of
Thailand (Pattaya Office)
Club President & CEO, Niels Colov
Club Founder & Web-Master, Pete Mills.
Honorary Co-Founder, Preben Hansen
Club Vice Presidents, Pete Mills & Richard Ravensdale

Club Secretary (Memberships & Speakers), Denis Laurin
Board Secretary & Newsletter Editor, Bernard Leach
Joint Club Treasurers, Michael Mayne & Paul Sinclair.

Club Board Members -Roger Carino, Herman van Gucht, William
Hurndell, Colin de Jong, Brian Maxey, Peter B. Piedferme, Khun
Ponthep Werachon, and Khun Laddawan Yingyong.
F. Moret, M. Withers
Sun-22-May-05 Visakha Bucha Day Public Holiday - important Buddha
day (holiday on Monday)
Mon-30-May-05 UK Public Holiday
Mon-30-May-05 USA Memorial Day
Mon-30-May-05 Earliest sunrise in Pattaya 0549 (Latest time for
sunrise in Pattaya 24 January)
Tue-14-Jun-05 THE VEGETARIAN CLUB OF PATTAYA - 2nd Tuesday of the
month 1800. Cost 99 baht. For further information call: Niels
Colov: 01-8154580
Sun-19-Jun-05 Father's Day USA
Tue-21-Jun-05 Longest Day of the year (12hr 53mins in Pattaya)
Mon-04-Jul-05 Independence Day USA, since 1776
Sat-09-Jul-05 Latest sun-down Pattaya 18:47 (Earliest sundown is 19
Tue-12-Jul-05 THE VEGETARIAN CLUB OF PATTAYA - 2nd Tuesday of the
month 1800. Cost 99 baht. For further information call: Niels
Colov: 01-8154580
Sun-17-Jul-05 Pattaya Queen's Cup Marathon - Bali High Pier
Fri-22-Jul-05 Buddhist lent day
Thu-28-Jul-05 HRH Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn birthday 1952
Saturday - The Pattaya Expats Club - meet every Saturday morning
11:00am (start 11:30), at the "Grand Solé Hotel" (in the Teppraya
Room, up on the Mezzanine level), 370 Pattaya 2nd Road (north),
near the Tourist Police office. PEC information call (in Thailand)
0 1815 4580.
Saturday - Welsh Society of Pattaya meet each week at 'The Prince
of Wales' in Khao Noi 6:00pm. Other nationalities interested in
Rugby also welcome. Call 018654382 or website
Saturday - UK Club of Pattaya meet each week at a different
location at 1:00pm (1300). Call 038-426098 for venue
Saturday - The PRILL (a classical music trio) will be performing in
the Lobby of the Bangkok/Pattaya Hospital 10:30am to mid-day
(1030-1200). Performances every 1st Saturday of the month in the
Saturday - Free Masons, Lodge Pattaya West Winds. Every 2nd Sat of
the month. Call Jon Morgan 012999574
Sunday - The Scandinavian Expats Pattaya - meet 2nd Sun of every
month. Call John 015236080 or Per 070833834.
Monday - Rotary Club of Pattaya - meet at Town in Town hotel each
Monday from 7:00pm (1900). Contact: 018154580.
Monday - Pattaya Bridge Club. Meets every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday at 13.00 pm Diana Inn, Second Road, between Soi 11 and 12.
Tuesday - Lions Club of Naklua Pattaya, meet Green Park Hotel 4th
Tuesday of the month. Contact Sathawat Senapan 038222288
Tuesday - Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard's weekly luncheon 12.30.
Contact Martin Brands for location 0179576476,
or see Pattaya Mail newspaper.
Wednesday - Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya, Royal Cliff Grand from
1830. Call Judy Hoppe 099302004
Wednesday - Lions Club of Jomtien - meet at Town in Town hotel each
2nd Wednesday of the month. Call Peter 038303072.
Thursday - Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya meet each week at
Woodlands Resort 1900. email
Thursday - Lions Club of Pattaya meet each 3rd Thursday of the
month at A-One Cruise hotel. Contact Yongwith Kiewthong 038249162
Thursday - Lions Club of Phratamnak meet each 2nd Thursday of the
month at A-One Cruise hotel. Contact Surat Permwallop 038421782
Thursday - Computer Club meet at DCO shop Central Road 1600.
Contact email
Thursday - Dutch Expats Club meet last Thursday of every month at
Dolphin Apartments, Soi 20, South Pattaya Road, email for information
Friday Night - The Pattaya Motorcycle Club meets at the "Old
Speckled Hen" pub, Soi 9, Jomtien Beach from 8 p.m. Meet new
friends and enjoy "Bike Club Happy Hours" 8 till 10 with 10 baht
off all beers and soft drinks and 15 baht off all spirits. New runs
to be organized from day trips to the beach to 2, 3 or 4 day tours
to?? Contact Martin 09 9909342 or Az 09 9356011
Every Day - Alcoholics Anonymous meet every day of the week 1900 at
Soi Skaw Beach. Call Jim 038303285, Craig 019967852, Tony
068403055, Hanns 019849501, Christain (German) 018634581
Every Day - Pattaya Sports Club meets at 3rd Road clubhouse every
day 0900-1800. Contact 038361167.
Nordic Society Pattaya - all Nordic citizens welcome. Contact
Ingemar 098244997.
Pattaya International Ladies Club (PILC). Coffee mornings & Lunches
every month. See Pattaya Mail Newspaper for details. Contact Rita
Cromwell for dates & locations 038435579, 098182268, or email
is the editor of our Club Newsletter, members with NEWS OR
ANNOUNCEMENTS should email in by WEDNESDAY12 NOON at Club Members seeking advice on practical
topics such as Visas, work permits or services needed, please send
an email direct to our MC and Open Microphone Forum specialist
Brian Maxey at If Brian cannot answer your
question from his own knowledge of Pattaya he'll forward on to
someone who can. Member's emails on club business and policy issues
please send to either Club President, Niels Colov Club Founder & Vice President Pete Mills on or Vice President Richard Ravensdale
ADVANCE SPEAKERS PROGRAMME. Please think of offering the Club a
speaker of your choice on a theme you think members may find
interesting. Contact Pattaya Expats Club Secretary, Denis Laurin with the details.
MEMBERSHIP CARDS. We produce our Club's laminated photo ID cards in
just a few minutes at the same Saturday meeting in which you join
or renew your membership. So if you are a past Pattaya Expats Club
member and you can bring in a past ID card with the words 'Pattaya
Expats Club' on you will get a new membership FREE of charge to
expire 31 Dec 2005. The cards identify our members to staff at many
shops and businesses around Pattaya where Club Members can claim
our discounts. There are two membership options one expiring 31
December 2005 for 150 Baht or a Life Membership for 600 Baht. To
get a new card please bring in two small driving licence style
photos and see Paul Sinclair, Michael Mayne or Denis Laurin
PATTAYA EXPATS CLUB ....ON SOPHON CABLE TV. 5 times each day. Watch
Club news during the week. President of the Club, Niels Colov, who
is the Chief Executive of 'Pattaya People News Channel' on Sophon
Cable, Pattaya City's cable TV operator, has very kindly provided a
regular segment of each show, devoted to Pattaya Expats Club news.
This is a wonderful regular 'free gift' to our Club of highly
valuable TV time! This is a 60 minute local News bulletin five
times per day at the following times:
On Cable Channel 5 showing at 0800 hrs and 1200 noon.
On cable Channel 2 at 1600hrs and 2400 midnight.
Plus peak evening bulletin at 2000hrs on Cable Channel 4.
(These are the channels which show English language movies on
Sophon Cable.)

Wherever you are in the world today, we wish you a great
upcoming weekend, and if you are not already enjoying life in
Pattaya - then come back soon.

Best wishes from all of us at the Pattaya Expats Club
.April 20, 2005
The latest version of the Pattaya Expats Club Newsletter
is always available on our Club web site at

and also on our Club Blog
Note that you can post your own
comments on the blog.


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