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Pattaya Expats Club Meeting of June 4, 2005

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E NEWSLETTER 4 June 2005
Dear Pattaya Expats Club Members & Friends
For all Pattaya's Expats, come and join us at our new venue at THEGRAND SOLE HOTEL, Second Road, Pattaya. (Mid-way between CentralRoad and North Road, on the right hand side, going towards theDolphin roundabout.

NEWS...CHARITY BINGO - SUNDAY 5 JUNE, 18.00 PM.You can win big prizes at the Charity Bingo on Sunday 5 June at18.00 pm. at the Grand Sole Hotel. Barter Card give a grand prizeworth 40,000 baht (in just one bingo game) but also 29" TV, fullDVD stereo, refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine and otherelectric equipment and prizes. In between the bingo games we willhave FREE lucky draws. It is going to be a real fun evening for thewhole family. Bring friends along. Tickets are 200 baht thatincludes a nice dinner buffet and the first bingo game. Subsequentbingo games are between 50 and 200 baht. Information: 0-1815-4580.

On Saturday 2 July 2005 at 11.00 am. The Pattaya Expats Club weeklymeeting will be in this theme to honour the American IndependenceDay. Many interesting activities will take place but you will notmiss the popular Open Forum and all the other valuable informationof our regular weekly Saturday meeting.

GUEST SPEAKERS LINE UP 4 June 2005. Contributed by RichardRavensdale
Members - Please contact me anytime to help us fill our guestspeakers' programme. My mobile is 04-135 7010 or We have vacant dates after 20 August. This weeks 'show' includes as our main speaker Laurie Muir of'Bartercard'. He started with this Australian initiative sevenyears ago as Global Marketing Manager, installing Bartercard intomany countries. He has now moved out of the corporate side andbecome part owner of three of its franchises, Bartercard Pattaya,Bartercard Phuket and Bartercard Samui. Bartercard is the world's largest Business-to-Business tradeexchange, covering 18 countries, its recently listed on the LondonStock Exchange and employs over 4000 people. It started inAustralia in 1991 and is now franchised throughout the world. Over155,000 businesses worldwide trade 34 billion Baht per year ingoods and services. In Pattaya the franchise is gaining an averageof 25 new business clients per month, has over 350 business clientshere which makes it the second fastest growing franchise in theworld. Laurie says this is a good indication of the growth andvitality of business in general in Pattaya. So come and learn aboutBartercard.Our MC Brian Maxey, Club President Niels Colov and I will alsohave many short news items to present to you plus Brian'soutstanding open mic forum for your questions on life in Pattaya. Please bring in to the Saturday meetings any unwanted books orvideo collections to donate to our Clubhouse free lending libraryproject. See you Saturday at Grand Sole at 11.30. - Richard

MEETING REPORT PATTAYA EXPATS CLUB May 28. 2005How to get close to be forever young, why Thai hospitality is notthe same as Pattaya hospitality, a clubhouse near Wong AmatBeach, lots of "food goodies" at the Lucky Draw and an offer for atrip to the impressive Angkor Wat in Cambodia, a lot of actionagain in this week's Saturday Meeting.
"You never walk alone" sounded through the meeting room tocelebrate the heroic Cup win of Liverpool and proud fans made abreakfast break to sing along. The come back Meeting Manager andVice President Richard Ravensdale showed off his rediscovered Redsshirt he wore when they last won 21 years ago. MC Brian Maxeywelcomed the nearly 150 visitors, most long time members, quite afew new ones but also attendants (tourists) who just wanted tojoin. He told that the website of the Club - has 6.000 -18.000 hits a day, so itmust be worth visiting. He then thanked a member who made adonation for the charity-fund of the Club, as appreciation for thefree legal advice he got from in house lawyer Khun PonthepWerachon.

Richard then told us that Board Member William Hurndell, who willmove to St. Tropez for a while, has offered to make his big houseavailable as a Club House. It is situated close to Wong Amat Beach.It can be a great place for members to meet, get some advice orsocialize in a beautiful environment and as a location for charityevents, and a free library for books and videos. The members werevery positive about this idea. He also announced that Top Travel, atravel agency in South Pattaya has offered the members aninexpensive trip to the amazing Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the largestreligious monument in the world. This is a weekend trip, startingJune 24 from U Tapo airport close to Pattaya, where the plain willleave for Siem Raep. He also announced that the management of theGrand Sole hotel gives members free entry to the swimming pool,after the meeting or on any other day of the week.

The main guest speaker was Doctor Karl J. Neeser from Switzerland,an anti-aging research scientist. Supported by a PowerPointpresentation, he told us how we can fight getting old and enjoy agood quality of living till deep in the autumn of our lives. Whileback in 1900 the average life expectancy was only 45 yr, in 2000 italready was 78, and scientists predict that in a few decades timean average of 100 is possible. An important reason for thisdevelopment is the improvement of medical technology. But DoctorNeeser was about to teach us how a healthy lifestyle is a majorfactor in stretching life. Now many over 60 have hypertension,arthritis, diabetes, a heart disease or osteoporosis, a disease weall know about since last week's presentation. Though a human bodyis at its peak at 25, and the process of aging starts at 30, hewarned us not to sit down and wait till we are so far gone that wedon't remember to open the zipper when we have to pee. He told usthat aging is a decline of function of your body, your organs,bones and muscles. Then there are the genes that influence theindividual aging process, the environment, the mental attitude toaging and the lifestyle you choose. He focused a lot on thehormones, because a lack of hormones is the fundamental cause ofaging. There is al lot you can do to control your hormone level.Exercise is very important. Elderly people don't move anymore andweaken their muscles. But it's never too late to start exercise andwork out 2 or 3 times a week, to rejuvenate you. He showed a littleexercise, where he got out of a chair by only using one leg. If youcan not do that anymore, immediately enter the closest gym.Overweight threatens your health. Watch what you eat or cancel adinner every now and then. Fish, fruits and vegetables produce thegood hormones, while junk food, sugar, tobacco, caffeine, stressand too much food open the door for the bad ones. Good news, youdon't have to ban alcohol, as long as you use it moderately. Hementioned other activities that produce the hormones you need tostay young, like a hormone replacement therapy, a sauna, reading,meditation, a happy social life and a good sex life; with this lastadvice he was of course preaching to the choir. He finally told usthat Thailand is a key player in Asia, and in the future perhapsworldwide, in facilitating and promoting a healthy life style. Theenvironment, the Thai food, the massages, the exercisepossibilities are perfect and he pointed out that it is nocoincidence that the bodies of Thai women are more beautiful thanthose of the girls back home. There were many questions for theDoctor, especially about high blood pressure. He distributedleaflets for people to figure out if their weight is OK and got abig hand when leaving stage, well deserved, as he presented thismedical topic in a way everybody could easily follow and he managedto spice it with some fine humour.

Then it was time for Khun Sombat to amuse the crowd again. Wealready have an in house lawyer and in house Immigration expert,now the motorbike taxi driver is already named the in housephilosopher. He always succeeds to open up our eyes when it comesto Thai culture and customs. Now Thai hospitality was one of thesubjects and he told us why up the country farang are treated in adifferent way than in Pattaya, where they are hardly seen asspecial guests anymore, as they are all over the place. But if theway you are treated is good or not, he can't answer, cause good isa personal satisfaction. If in your opinion a taxi driver wants tocharge you too much, just walk over to one of the other 500drivers, and you should find somebody who agrees upon your priceand therefore - for you - is a good guy.

After that Club President Niels Colov did some interestingannouncements. First he called 3 members on stage, a farang man andwoman and a Thai lady, who went to the OTOP Grand Sale in Bangkok.They were very enthusiastic. It was too big an event to seeeverything in 1 day. They met Miss Universe and brought home somenice, typical Thai products. They thanked TAT (Tourism Authority ofThailand) for inviting us, which shows they care for the expats ingeneral, but also proves that they recognize the Pattaya ExpatsClub as an important partner. He announces that the Club now alsoconsiders organizing more trips to places elsewhere in the country,maybe for a few days. The members were pleased with thissuggestion. Finally he reminded us of the upcoming Charity Bingo,next Sunday June 5, 18.00 in the Grand Sole hotel, raising fundsfor a server for the Pattaya Immigration Police. It is a familyevent with many prizes, worth 100.000 baht and there will be Luckydraws as well. There are 6 rounds, announcements are in Thai andEnglish and the speed will be low, so people who are not familiarwith this game will not get in trouble. Tickets cost 200 baht andinclude dinner and the first game. Next games cost 50 baht to 200baht, depending on the value of the prizes. Do join!
As always there were valuable prizes in the Weekly Free Lucky Draw.Today members could win a 1.200 baht ticket for the AlangkarnExtravaganza Show, yet another dinner for 2 at Jameson's, the IrishPub near the Grand Sole hotel, a free Thai massage at RunglandMassage in South Pattaya, a "buy 1 get one free" voucher forsandwiches at Subway (ground floor Carrefour) and a free cocktailat restaurant Opsinjoor on Soi Day Night 2.

During the Open Microphone Forum we experienced again how expatshelped expats right away. This time SIM card registration wasdiscussed, where to practice yoga, James Lane asked if people wantto participate in a Thai Chi class he starts in a few weeks (tel.0-1398-7346 or email ,Kevin Parker, asolicitor in the UK who visits Thailand regularly, offered hislegal advice on matters related to the UK and Brian informed us about Canada Day on July 1 and the picnic at the Royal OrchidSheraton in Bangkok on June 26, celebrating that. With Richard, whoturned out to be a great MC partner too, telling that next weeksomebody of Barter Card, offering the 40.000 baht prize for theBingo, will come to speak to us, people went outside to theImmigration Helpdesk - who soon will have leaflets in Scandinavianand Italian - , the sponsors - who often turn out to be experts inexpat related fields - the club shop- selling nice shirts andcaps- and the ladies who finished their get together (rumours ofconspiracy against the men were denied). An excellent meeting andwhat counts for Liverpool and its supporters is also valid for theexpats in Pattaya; "you never walk alone." Peter Visser, PR Coordinator for Pattaya Expats Club

Hi, I'm Brian Maxey (
28 May meeting - Richard (Meeting Manager) & I sat for a whileafter this meeting, and concluded - 'WOW, not bad'!!
The main speaker today was so good. Many questions were eagerlyasked by the members. We really are getting some excellent talentto give presentations. Richard Ravensdale, the Meeting Manager, took firm control of thereins on his return, and ran a well ordered meeting. He likes to doan occasional spot on stage to enhance a point, or answer aquestion. This is good from an audience point of view (and mine) asit adds 'variety', as that special spice. I love it!
Open forum questions & information arising from Saturday:
Khun Ponthep (PEC Lawyer) contact 014234255, office 038300967I have arranged with Ponthep to collect copies of his book, forthe Saturday Meetings, as he will be unable to attend for a whiledue to a busy Saturday schedule. 200 baht for either English orDutch language version.
Wayne Parkin (USA) is trying to contact a Brit - Jim Shand - ifyou know him please email me (Brian)
Our 'Member's Discounts' organiser (Paul) has a list ofparticipating outlets available at the meeting, at the 'membership'table. Our Membership card gets you a Discount!
Emails this week: An interesting one giving information onrelative cost of fuel in 4 different countries: for 1 litre of gas- Thailand 21baht, USA 23baht, UK 60baht, Saudi Arabia 9.6baht. Soit looks like a move to Saudi for the cheap gas - No Walking Streetthough!
Consistent reports now of members receiving theiremail-newsletters. I couldn't believe it when our webmasterreported between 6,000 & 18,000 visits to our website each day overthe last month or so.
The PEC shop opened this week, at the meeting each Saturday. Wehave a range of 'Polo Shirts' (various sizes), 'T-shirts', 'BaseBall Caps' (adjustable). Red & Dark Blue.
CANADA DAY 2005 is officially celebrated on July 1st each year,but the annual Canada Day picnic at the Royal Orchid Sheraton HotelBangkok on Sunday June 26th, 2005. The 16th year the Canadiannational day celebration has been held in Bangkok. Ticket pricesfor entry to the event, dinner and Grand Prize draws: Adults 1000baht, Children (5-12) 500 baht, Children 4 and under free. Doorsopen 13:00 (1:00pm), Dinner 17:30 (5:30pm). Contact Thai-CanadianChamber of Commerce, 139 Pan Road, Sethiwan Tower, 9th Floor, Tel:02-266-6085-6, email at or book on-line
Charity Bingo, Sunday 5 June, 1800. Tickets 200 baht includesBuffet & 1st bingo game. Grand Sole Hotel, Pattaya Expats ClubMeeting Room. Bingo cards priced from 50 - 200 baht depending onprizes offered. All are welcome.
Please retain the large part of your Saturday Meeting entryticket as proof of purchase & verification for the Lucky DrawWinner to claim the prize (you'll need to show your membership cardtoo).
There is a choice of food style at the Saturday Meeting buffet.Western or Thai - it's just a question of preference. Same price!Vegetarian options & Decaffeinated Coffee are not possible from theBuffet Table, although they do provide 'low-fat' & 'low-calorie'sweetener. Hot water is available for your own sachets of choice.
If you would like to offer your services, and 'volunteer' toassist our Club in any way you choose, please contact Richard our'Meeting Manager' ( you would like to "Guest MC" - simply a 'one-off', or more ifyou wish, email me. Two members have already offered - the more themerrier!
This Newsletter is always available on our website, andseparately on our 'BLOG' site.
The Club's 'Chat Forum' link is: you will need to setup a username the first time you visit, but the forum is anexcellent place to 'talk' to people worldwide about anything youwant to know - try it.
(Please note the German Language group have now moved to a newtime, at the same place - 10:00 on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of themonth - e.g. 4th June, 18th June, 2nd July, and 16th July) GrandSolé Hotel, 2nd Road.If you attend the German Language group, you are welcome to stayfor the International event. One entry ticket covers both events.
There is NO SMOKING anywhere in the Auditorium or Foyer. Thereare two balconies available for smoking, private conversations, andtelephone calls.
We always have to cut short the 'Open Forum' Q&A no matter howearly we start. Come and join in, its great fun!
Keep the emails coming, tell us what you think of our club & it'smany aspects. Tell us what you like; tell us anything you want -always happy to know someone's listening.
Why not join us next Saturday 11:00am (1130 program start) at theGrand Solé Hotel, 2nd Road (between Tops & Big C supermarkets) -introduce a friend. 'free parking'. Bring pen & paper.
MC, Brian. (

The Pattaya Expats Club is honoured to have the followingHONORARY BOARD ADVISORS:
General Chatchai Tammaraksah, Personal General to His Majesty the KingKhunying Tidarat Tammaraksah, Assistant to Her Majesty the QueenKhun Niran Wattanasasatorn, Mayor of Pattaya CityKhun Chanyut Hengtrakool, Member of ParliamentPol. Col. Somnuk Changate, Superintendent of Pattaya Police StationPol. Col. Ittipol Ittironnachai, Superintendent of Pattaya Immigration PoliceKhun Sansak Ngampiches, Owner of Grand Sole Hotel and senior poloiticianKhun Revat Phonlookin, Vice-Chairman of Chonburi Provincial Council Khun Sanga Kitsamrej, Owner of the SK Group of companies and UPE PresidentKhun Surat Mekavarakul, Owner of Mike business groupKhun Paisan Bundityanon, Owner of Rabbit Resort PattayaKhun Somchai Manothavorn, Advisor to the Mayor of Pattaya Khun Sopin Theppajug, Owner of Diana Group of companiesDr. Prasan Stianrapapongs, Specialist in Preventative Medicine at BPHKru Yodthong Senanan, Most respected teacher of Thai BoxingKhun Porramate Inthornchumnom, Prosecutor at Pattaya CourtKhun Suttikorn Jearpaitoon, Owner of Alangkarn Pattaya Khun Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, Director, TAT(Pattaya Office)

Club President & CEO, Niels ColovClub Founder & Web-Master, Pete Mills.Honorary Co-Founder, Preben HansenClub Vice Presidents, Pete Mills & Richard Ravensdale Club Secretary (Memberships & Speakers), Denis Laurin Board Secretary & Newsletter Editor, Bernard Leach Joint Club Treasurers, Michael Mayne & Paul Sinclair. Club Board Members -Roger Carino, Herman van Gucht, WilliamHurndell, Colin de Jong, Brian Maxey, Peter B. Piedferme, KhunPonthep Werachon, and Khun Laddawan Yingyong.

DIRECTORS OF P.E.C.CO.LTD.F. Moret, M. Withers


Sixteenth annual Canada Day picnic to be held at the Royal OrchidSheraton Hotel on June 26th, 2005Bangkok, May 16th, 2005 - TheCanada Day Committee recently announced that the annual Canada Daypicnic will be celebrated at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel onSunday June 26th, 2005. The event marks the 138th birthday ofCanada and the 16th year the Canadian national day celebration hasbeen held in Bangkok. "We had a sell-out crowd for last year's Canada Day picnic and weexpect this year's turnout to be just as strong," said RosemaryImlah, Chair of the volunteer Canada Day Committee organising theevent. "We look forward to seeing people who have come out for theCanada Day picnic in the past and also welcoming newcomers to theevent this year," she added.Officially, Canada Day is celebrated on July 1st each year, but theevent will be held early in Bangkok so that the festivities can beenjoyed on a weekend. The aim of the annual event is to encourageCanadians and their families, friends, and colleagues of all agesand nationalities, to gather and celebrate Canada Day in a livelyatmosphere, with delicious food, exciting games and fantasticcamaraderie. Similar to last year's event, tickets will be sold in advance withno tickets available at the door. Ticket numbers will once againbe strictly limited to 500 and, based on past sell-out crowds, itis strongly advised that tickets be purchased well in advance toavoid disappointment. As in past years, the Canada Day picnic will feature children'sgames, tug-of-war, and various sporting activities for adults aswell as water sports and competitions played in the Sheraton'spool. Afternoon activities will be followed by a salmon and beefBBQ buffet dinner, and a host of prizes to be given away to luckywinners. Tickets are only available through the Thai-Canadian Chamber ofCommerce (TCCC). Ticket price includes entry into the event,dinner, and entry in the door and Grand Prize draws. Ticket prices:Adults 1000 bahtChildren (5-12) 500 bahtChildren 4 and under freeReserved Tables of 10 10,000 baht (in advance only;Contact TCCC until June 24th)

Tentative schedule:13:00 doors open14:00 children's games14:30 volleyball tournament & adult games17:00 greetings and grand prize draw17:30 dinner
For further information, please contact the Thai-Canadian Chamberof Commerce, 139 Pan Road, Sethiwan Tower, 9th Floor, Tel:02-266-6085-6, email at or book on-line atwww.tccc.or.thFor pictures from last year's event, please visit the dedicatedwebsite:
Calendar of World Events.
Sun-05-Jun-05 Charity Bingo 1800, Grand Sole Hotel. 200 baht ticketincludes Buffet + 1st game. Call 0 1815 4580 for info.

Tue-14-Jun-05 THE VEGETARIAN CLUB OF PATTAYA - 2nd Tuesday of themonth 1800. Cost 99 baht. For further information call: NielsColov: 01-8154580
Sun-19-Jun-05 Father's Day USA
Tue-21-Jun-05 Longest Day of the year (12hr 53 mins in Pattaya)
Mon-04-Jul-05 Independence Day USA, since 1776
Sat-09-Jul-05 Latest sun-down Pattaya 18:47 (Earliest sundown is 19November)
Tue-12-Jul-05 THE VEGETARIAN CLUB OF PATTAYA - 2nd Tuesday of themonth 1800. Cost 99 baht. For further information call: NielsColov: 01-8154580
Sun-17-Jul-05 Pattaya Queen's Cup Marathon - Bali High Pier
Thu-21-Jul-05 Asaka Bucha - Important Buddhist Day
Fri-22-Jul-05 Buddhist lent 1st day lasts for 3 months
Thu-28-Jul-05 HRH Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn birthday 1952
Tue-09-Aug-05 Anniversary of PEC first meeting at Green Tree
Fri-12-Aug-05 Her Majesty Queen Sirikit Birthday
REGULAR MEETINGS OF GROUPS IN PATTAYASaturday - The Pattaya Expats Club - meet every Saturday morning11:00am (start 11:30), at the "Grand Solé Hotel" (in the TepprayaRoom, up on the Mezzanine level), 370 Pattaya 2nd Road (north),near the Tourist Police office. PEC information call (in Thailand)0 1815 4580.
Saturday - UK Club of Pattaya meet each week at a differentlocation at 1:00pm (1300). Call 038-426098 for venueSaturday - Welsh Society of Pattaya meet each week at 'The Princeof Wales' in Khao Noi 6:00pm. Other nationalities interested inRugby also welcome. Call 018654382 or website Saturday - The PRILL (a classical music trio) will be performing inthe Lobby of the Bangkok/Pattaya Hospital 10:30am to mid-day(1030-1200). Performances every 1st Saturday of the month in theLobby.
Saturday - Free Masons, Lodge Pattaya West Winds. Every 2nd Sat ofthe month. Call Jon Morgan 012999574
Sunday - The Scandinavian Expats of Pattaya - meet at Soi 4 TowerCondo every second Sun. Call John 015236080 or Per 070833834.
Monday - Rotary Club of Pattaya - meet at Town in Town hotel eachMonday from 7:00pm (1900). Contact: 018154580.
Monday - Pattaya Bridge Club. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at13.00 pm Diana Inn, Second Road, between Soi 11 and 12. Contactjanchris@ji-net.comTuesday - Pattaya International Ladies Club (PILC). Coffee mornings& Lunches every month. See Pattaya Mail Newspaper for details.Contact Rita Cromwell at 038-435-549, Sharon Tibbitts at06-0956928, or Chitra Chandrasiri at 06-1460475,, or PILC262@yahoo.comTuesday - Lions Club of Naklua Pattaya, meet Green Park Hotel 4thTuesday of the month. Contact Sathawat Senapan 038222288Tuesday - Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard's weekly luncheon 12.30.Contact Martin Brands for location 0179576476, see Pattaya Mail newspaper.Wednesday - Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya, Royal Cliff Grand from1830. Call Judy Hoppe 099302004
Wednesday - Lions Club of Jomtien - meet at Town in Town hotel each2nd Wednesday of the month. Call Peter 038303072.
Thursday - Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya meet each week atWoodlands Resort 1900. email
Thursday - Lions Club of Pattaya meet each 3rd Thursday of themonth at A-One Cruise hotel. Contact Yongwith Kiewthong 038249162
Thursday - Lions Club of Phratamnak meet each 2nd Thursday of themonth at A-One Cruise hotel. Contact Surat Permwallop 038421782
Thursday - Computer Club meet at DCO shop Central Road 1600.Contact email
Thursday - Dutch Expats Club meet last Thur of every month atDolphin Apartments, Soi 20, South Pattaya Road, or visit
Friday Night - The Pattaya Motorcycle Club meets at the "OldSpeckled Hen" pub, Soi 9, Jomtien Beach from 8 p.m. Meet newfriends and enjoy "Bike Club Happy Hours" 8 till 10 with 10 bahtoff all beers and soft drinks and 15 baht off all spirits. New runsto be organized from day trips to the beach to 2, 3 or 4 day toursto ?? Contact Martin 09 9909342 or Az 09 9356011
Every Day - Alcoholics Anonymous meet every day of the week 1900 atSoi Skaw Beach. Call Jim 038303285, Craig 019967852, Tony068403055, Hanns 019849501, Christain (German) 018634581
Every Day - Pattaya Sports Club meets at 3rd Road clubhouse everyday 0900-1800. Contact 038361167.
Nordic Society Pattaya - all Nordic citizens welcome. ContactIngemar 098244997.

CONTACTS & CONTRIBUTIONS to our weekly E NEWSLETTER. Bernard Leachis the editor of our Club Newsletter, members with NEWS ORANNOUNCEMENTS should email in by AT THE LATEST WEDNESDAY12 NOON Club Members seeking advice on practicaltopics such as Visas, work permits or services needed, please sendan email direct to our MC and Open Microphone Forum specialistBrian Maxey at If Brian cannot answer yourquestion from his own knowledge of Pattaya he'll forward on tosomeone who can. Member's emails on club business and policy issuesplease send to either Club President, Niels Club Founder & Vice President Pete Mills or Vice President Richard
ADVANCE SPEAKERS PROGRAMME. Please think of offering the Club aspeaker of your choice on a theme you think members may findinteresting. Contact Pattaya Expats Club Vice President RichardRavensdale at with the details. MEMBERSHIP CARDS. We produce our Club's laminated photo ID cards injust a few minutes at the same Saturday meeting in which you joinor renew your membership. So if you are a past Pattaya Expats Clubmember and you can bring in a past ID card with the words 'PattayaExpats Club' on you will get a new membership FREE of charge toexpire 31 Dec 2005. The cards identify our members to staff at manyshops and businesses around Pattaya where Club Members can claimour discounts. There are two membership options one expiring 31December 2005 for 150 Baht or a Life Membership for 600 Baht. Toget a new card please bring in two small driving licence stylephotos and see Paul Sinclair OR Roger Carino.PATTAYA EXPATS CLUB ....ON SOPHON CABLE TV. 5 times each day. WatchClub news during the week. President of the Club, Niels Colov, whois the Chief Executive of 'Pattaya People News Channel' on SophonCable, Pattaya City's cable TV operator, has very kindly provided aregular segment of each show, devoted to Pattaya Expats Club news.This is a wonderful regular 'free gift' to our Club of highlyvaluable TV time! This is a 60 minute local News bulletin fivetimes per day at the following times: On Cable Channel 5 showing at 0800 hrs and 1200 noon.On cable Channel 2 at 1600hrs and 2400 midnight.Plus peak evening bulletin at 2000hrs on Cable Channel 4.(These are the channels which show English language movies onSophon Cable.)Best Regards to all From Pattaya Expats Club


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