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Meeting Report Pattaya Expats Club 12 November

Hi, I'm Brian Maxey (

Here is the report from the 12 November meeting - Good to be back, although I wasn't sure if the voice would last out the meeting. It did later fail, but was back the next day. We had some unexpected guests again in the shape of two acts from the Circus. About half the audience has seen the Circus show, and more expect to attend before it's closure on 27 November.
The webmaster reported a temporary glitch in his ability to upload to the website. It should be all resolved this week.

You have until the end of December 2005 to register your Thai 'pre-paid' mobile phone SIM-card. The suggestion is that after this date an unregistered SIM will not work, and will need to be replaced. Basically go to a phone shop, show them your phone, ask them where can you register it, and hopefully you will know.
I took my wife to register our phones to a D-tac office in Big C south Pattaya. They opened the phones, recorded the SIM numbers, asked for her ID, & my Passport (a Thai drivers licence will do), entered the details on a D-tac computer, and said "Thank You for Registering". It felt a lot more authentic than my previous attempt. Just goes to show - when you take a Thai person with you - it flows easily.
For sure, Telewiz in IT City (TukCom) WILL register 1-2-call networks. The big supermarkets all have various mobile phone offices. Orange is in Royal Garden Plaza, ground floor, Beach Rd., entrance.

Getting a visa extension can be a frustrating affair. Getting all the paperwork together, waiting in line for an Immigration Officer. On the other hand, sometimes, it all goes smoothly. It did for me recently. Read about my success on the 'visa page' of our website.

I know of a house-rental now available. The owner is just an expat 'friend' who asked me to promote this. A two-storey 'town house', 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large lounge, 'western style' kitchen, front patio, private road access, easy parking for a large vehicle. 10,000 per month for a 1 year contract. In the city of Pattaya, quite near 3rd Road. Contact Brian.

Open forum questions & information arising from Saturday:--

A member reported that the 'PEC Club - Group Insurance Policy' offered by one of our sponsors, AA Insurance Brokerage, has performed admirably when needed recently for a BPH admittance. The bills were settled to his satisfaction. Unfortunately the 'guaranteed' cover ceases after age 65, but individual quotes may still be offered beyond that age. This is the first report we have had of anyone using this product, and it behaved well. If you have used it, or any other Insurance product, tell us about it.

A 'first-hand' experience of a medical procedure at the 'Queen Sirikit Naval Hospital Sattahip came from a member this week. Very good general care level. Excellent pre-consultation, medical procedure, and after-care standard. And a 'bottom-line price' that brought a smile of satisfaction. The hospital is very near 'U Tapao airport'. There are quite a few 'good standard' hospitals in the Chonburi area that are well suited for those everyday 'planned procedures'.

A member has developed a skin problem, and suspects Biological type washing powder used at a local laundry. Is non-bio washing powder available, and how is it designated in Thai? Email: (

Christopher Moore, the Canadian writer, has confirmed for Saturday 19th November (this coming week-end) - he will review his writing life, his many books, and give an opportunity to autograph copies that you bring with you.
Moore once taught law at the University of British Columbia. After his first book 'His Lordship's Arsenal' was published in New York to critical acclaim in 1985, Moore became a full-time writer and has so far written 16 novels and one collection of interlocked short stories. He has attained somewhat of a cult status among his readers in Asia and Europe and has an increasingly strong following in North America. Moore is probably best known by his cult classics, Land of Smiles Trilogy, his behind-the-smiles study of his adopted country, Thailand, and his highly popular Vincent Calvino Private Eye series.
His books will be available in limited numbers at the meeting - Saturday 19th November PEC

This year's trip to Surin to watch the elephant shows will be a 3 day event. If you have signed up, meet at Pattaya People Offices in Day Night Hotel Soi, South Pattaya Road, 0800 Saturday 19 November (this coming week-end).

A reminder that the next golf tournament is Tuesday 22 November at the Plutaluang Navy Golf Course, at Sattahip. - contact Head Pro Ossi Viljanen at 018519620, (, ( or sign-up for future events at the PEC meetings.

There are now often a selection of Lawyers available for your queries at the Club meeting on Saturday. Khun Ponthep Werachon (Lawyer) still offers his great farang handbook, constantly updated, 200 baht. Contact 014234255, office 038300967, (

The new 2-year temporary PEC membership card is available at the meeting - price 300 baht - to expire 31 December 2007. The membership team would be delighted if you would NOT wait until January for your new card - please come early & help the transition - and - life begins at PEC, just 600 baht.

The PEC shop is open at the meeting each Saturday. A range of 'Polo Shirts' (various sizes) red or black, 'T-shirts' & 'Base Ball Caps' (adjustable) red or dark blue. Many shirts can be seen around the room, worn by members.

Our 'Meeting Managers' (Stephen Wilson and Albert Biagini are normally available at each meeting to take your questions, comments, suggestions or offers of help - as are any of the Production Team in the maroon jackets. Please offer your services, and 'volunteer' to assist our Club in some way. You could join the 'Production Team' of dedicated volunteers, who do the 'hard work' on a Saturday, or help out in the background with the paperwork during the week, or assist with the Charity side of things. This is Pattaya - "up to you". Contact the 'Meeting Managers' or any of the Production Team. There is much to do to ensure a worthwhile Club.

Denis Laurin would like your input to assist him in finding worthwhile 'speakers' to come to the meeting and entertain and inform you. I have heard the comment "why do we have the same old subjects over and over". A first class opportunity exists for you to help to change that. Give Denis your suggestions of a speaker, and let him arrange something with them. Please contact Denis ( Please do not fix dates without contacting Denis first.

This Newsletter can be sent to you individually, registration is on the website about two thirds the way down the 'home page'. Please remember to reply to the first email to 'confirm' your acceptance. It can also be read on the website: ( Try the website's new 'search' facility - find that illusive article easily.

This newsletter also appears on our 'Blog' Site each week, along with some of the articles from the website. The advantage of the 'Blog' is, you get an opportunity to add comments that find their way directly back to the webmaster.

The Club's 'Chat Forum' link is an excellent place to 'talk' to people worldwide about anything you want to know or say. A simple Q&A site - try it. You will need to set up a username & password the first time you visit:

The increasingly popular German Language group now meet prior to the International Group, downstairs in the restaurant terrace area, on the 1st & 3rd Saturday in the month (19th November, 3rd & 17th December), 10:30 am. email address: (
The International Group meeting is every Saturday, upstairs on the Mezzanine Level, at the Grand Solé Hotel, 2nd Road. 11:00 am. One yellow ticket allows entry to both meetings

We regret there is NO SMOKING allowed anywhere in the Auditorium or Foyer, or the downstairs meeting area, but two outside terraces are available. Private conversations, and telephone calls are best in the Foyer, where you will find all our Sponsors.

We always have to cut short the 'Open Forum' Q&A segment of our meetings, no matter how early we start. Come and join in, it's great fun!

Keep the emails coming, or drop a 'suggestion' in the box outside in the 'foyer'. Tell us what you think of our club & it's many aspects - it's your club - always happy to know someone's listening. If you don't tell us - we don't know!

Please, please dress appropriately for the hotel setting. As is often said - a tuxedo is not required, but a sleeveless vest is unacceptable. Our meeting is frequently attended by Thais, and Thai life is governed by respect. The young respect the elderly, because the elderly respect the young. The way you dress tells people how you respect yourself. You will be refused entry if inappropriately dressed.
Low cost polo-shirts with our club logo on are on sale in the foyer.

Please retain the large part of your yellow Saturday Meeting entry ticket as proof of entry & verification for the Lucky Draw Winner to claim the prize (you'll need to show your membership card too). Remember this draw is for Members Only - you can join on the day if you remember to bring two small photos (25 x 25mm).

Wed-16-Nov-05 Loy Krathong
Fri-18-Nov-05 Mickey Mouse official birthday
Sat-19-Nov-05 Christopher Moore, PEC
Sat-19-Nov-05 Surin elephant trip
Sat-19-Nov-05 Earliest sundown Pattaya at 1747
Tue-22-Nov-05 PEC golf tournament
Thu-24-Nov-05 Thanksgiving Day (US)
Fri-25-Nov-05 Pattaya Police Chief Pol. Col. Somnuk Changate birthday
Sat-26-Nov-05 Tupperware b'day - launched 1949
Mon-05-Dec-05 Many schools have events for 'Father's Day'
Mon-05-Dec-05 His Majesty the King of Thailand, 78th Birthday (1927)
Sat-10-Dec-05 Constitution Day Thailand.
Mon-12-Dec-05 Government Offices will be closed.
Tue-13-Dec-05 THE VEGETARIAN CLUB OF Pattaya
Sat-17-Dec-05 Wright Flyer @ Kitty Hawk NC 10:35 am 1903, flew 12 secs @ 120ft
Tue-20-Dec-05 Beach Rd shrine opp Soi 4 (Chao Po Ket-gnam) Celebration.
Wed-21-Dec-05 Shortest day (Pattaya 11hrs 22 mins)
Sun-25-Dec-05 Christmas Day,
Sun-01-Jan-06 New Year's Day
Mon-02-Jan-06 Substitute holiday for New Year's Day
Sun-08-Jan-06 Children’s Day Thailand
Mon-16-Jan-06 Teacher’s Day, Thailand
Wed-25-Jan-06 Latest time for sunrise in Pattaya in the year
Thu-26-Jan-06 Australia Day
Sun-29-Jan-06 Chinese NY day - Year of the DOG

Why not come along next Saturday 11:00am (1130 program start) at the Grand Solé Hotel, 2nd Road, between Central Road & North Road - introduce a friend - 'free parking' - bring pen & paper.

See you soon, MC, Brian.


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