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Newsletter Feb 3, 2005

Pattaya Expats Club. Est.2001

E NEWSLETTER3 February 2005

Dear Pattaya Expats Club Members & Friends

5 February 2005.
For all Pattaya’s Expats, at The Green Tree Restaurant & Bar, on Beach Road at Soi 1. (Please walk through the outside terrace area to the indoor Restaurant behind the garden). We open at 11.00 am for Drinks and Snacks. An entrance fee of ONLY 20 Baht to assist Club costs is payable at the door.


NEWS…We would ask our Club Members to come to Wat Samnak Song Nong Or on Sunday evening at 19.30 for a Buddhist Ceremony for Tom Nelms. The service starts at 20.00 prompt. The Wat is in Soi Daeng Dam, this is the last Soi before the telephone exchange building in Pattaya Klang (Central Road). The Soi is on the left hand side going from the beach towards third road. Let us all show our last respects to our dear friend and long serving member of Pattaya Expats Club.

NEWS… We have one more Thai VIP joining our Honorary Board Advisors:

Khun Paisan Bundityanond

Founding President of the Real Estate Brokers Association of Thailand, and owner of the beautiful Rabbit Resort on Dong Tan Beach Jomtien.

Khun Paisan accepted when we asked him after last Saturday’s meeting and also mentioned that he felt it as a great honour to be associated with our club in that capacity.

OUR CLUBHOUSE THAI LAWYER….Pattaya lawyer Khun Ponthep Werachon is a Board Member of Pattaya Expats Club, and attends regularly in the Saturday Club Meetings to give advice and answer general questions on Law. Khun Ponthep also appears on the weekly news programme “Legal Vision” on Pattaya People Television on Sophon Cable TV and has valuable information about Thailand’s laws.

GUEST SPEAKERS LINE UP 5 February 2005 We have another good guest speaker in (Mrs.) SUVANNEE CHINCHIEWCHAN Deputy Managing Director of SF Cinema Group, who will be talking about the cinema industry in Thailand.


Hi, I'm Brian Maxey

~ 29 January meeting - quite a different style of meeting today.

~ Whilst writing this, I opened an email informing me that Tom Nelms has died in hospital in Pattaya. Tom & his wife Noi were early members of the club, and one of his concerns in life was to help the 'Coconut Kids' through our charity committee. I last saw him on the very day I write about, 29 January.

My very best wishes to Noi & all other members of the family. Bye Tom….

~ Richard & I tried a different approach to MCing this last week’s event. It wasn't perfect, but folks came up later to say how they had enjoyed the more relaxed style. Tell us what you thought - if you can separate fact from beer haze (see next).

~ San Miguel Beer Co., came to the Green Tree Pub & Pattaya Expats Club on Saturday. They gave out free beer to all present, + six-packs to the first 100 through the door. After that the rest of the proceedings could best be described as *&%$#*! Anyone who can recall an accurate account of the rest of the day please contact the newsletter to correct what follows!

Basically San Miguel is introducing two new products to Thailand. BLUE ICE - RED HORSE. There's a Thai phrase which recalls how one is 'kicked by chang' when drinking the beer of that name. I suspect a new phrase 'kicked by the horse' will come into being soon. I sampled the 'Blue Ice', and it tastes less of a 'larger' and more of a British style 'bitter', not quite my choice. I recall, with a smile, the 'original beer' in Manila - and a vague recollection of a visit to the brewery there! Thanks to the generosity of the local San Miguel Co, both here and there.

~ Oskar Jorgensen of Baan Sabaijai introduced a new member of their staff, Dr Homer Lim from the Philippines, specialist in Geriatrics, 3A Acupuncture, Acupressure & Nutrition. Baan Sabaijai offers you an alternative for medical diagnosis by combining the latest scientific breakthroughs, and Chinese meridian principles. Dr Lim spoke of general therapies available, and the continuing success of this Health Resort styled complex.

They can be found on Soi Norway, Thappraya Road. 100m from Jomtien Orchid Hotel, on the way to Jomtien. 038364604, fax 038364607, emails: & -

~ Please visit our 'web-forum' to find a few names of people wishing to 'contact' someone. If you know any of the listed people, either reply on the site, or contact one of us to do so for you. Also please tell that person to 'call home' - someone wants to hear from them. The forum 'link' is: you will need to set up a username the first time you visit, but the forum is an excellent place to 'talk' to people worldwide about anything you want to know - try it.

~ For those not getting our weekly 'newsletter', please visit our website to read it. It is uploaded each week. Please tell anyone who says they don't get our newsletter any more, that it's "on the PEC site" -

~ The 'Open Microphone Forum' touched on many subjects & concerns raised by the members. We can usually find someone who has 'been there - done that' to provide the answer. We Expats like to help other Expats - that's what it's all about. If you cannot attend the meeting why not try our 'website-forum' (details above) - same idea. ( or via the website. You can always email me direct - see above for address.

~ Please look at your passport/visa stamps and understand what they say. If in doubt bring with you next Saturday - we'll try to decipher. If you are 'shocked' by what you see, go to the Immigration office TODAY to sort it out.

~ A continuing request for information - if you have managed to get a full (O-A) retirement visa from your home country, without the need to upgrade it here in Thailand - could you let me know. Also tell me if it is a 'single' or 'multiple' entry type? I am trying to list which countries can provide this relatively new type of service.

~ The German Chapter, followed at 1315 (1:15pm) led by Bruno Keller. It will occur EVERY Saturday from now on.

~ Keep the emails coming, tell us what you think of our club, tell us what you think is missing, always happy to know someone's listening.

~ The 'Bank' site next door is available for limited parking - but very much at your own risk. It is a 'building site'!

~ See you next Saturday 11:00am (1130 program start) - introduce a friend.



The Pattaya Expats Club is honoured to have the following HONORARY BOARD ADVISORS

General Chatchai Tammaraksah, Personal General to His Majesty the King;

Khunying Tidarat Tammaraksah, Assistant to Her Majesty the Queen;

Khun Niran Wattanasasatorn, Mayor of Pattaya City

Khun Somchai Manothavorn, Advisor to the Mayor of Pattaya

Khun Sansak Ngampiches, Advisor to the Minister of Tourism & Sports.

Khun Poramate Inthornchumnom Chief Prosecutor of Pattaya Court

Khun Sanga Kitsamrej, Owner of the SK Group of companies and President of SOS Rice.

Khun Surat Mekavarakul, Owner of Mike business group.

Khun Sopin Theppajug, Owner of Diana Group of companies.

Khun Paisan Bundityanond Founding President of the Real Estate Brokers Association of Thailand and owner of the Rabbit Resort in Jomtien

Dr. Prasan Stianrapapongs, Specialist in Preventative Medicine at Bangkok and Pattaya Hospital

Kru Yodthong Senanan, Most respected teacher of Thai Boxing in Thailand


Club Founder & President, Pete Mills.

Honorary Co-Founder, Preben Hansen

Club Vice Presidents, Niels Colov, Richard Ravensdale and Dave Watson.

Club Secretary (Memberships & Speakers), Denis Laurin

Board Secretary & Newsletter Editor, Bernard Leach

Club Treasurer, Daniel Dandoy.

Board Members – Herman van Gucht, William Hurndell, Colin de Jong, Brian Maxey, Frans Moret, Peter B. Piedferme, Paul Sinclair, Khun Ponthep Werachon, Michael Withers and Khun Laddawan Yingyong.

- Here is a calendar of World Events.

~ Tue-08-Feb-05 THE VEGETARIAN CLUB OF PATTAYA - 2nd Tuesday of the month 1800. Cost 99 baht. For further information call: Niels Colov: 01-8154580

~ Wed-09-Feb-05 Chinese New Year day Thailand - year of Rooster

~ Sat-12-Feb-05 Lincoln's Birthday USA

~ Mon-14-Feb-05 Valentines Day Thailand

~ Mon-21-Feb-05 President's Day USA

~ Tue-22-Feb-05 Washington's Birthday USA

~ Wed-23-Feb-05 Makha Bucha. Important Buddhist festival - holiday Thailand

~ Thu-17-Mar-05 St Patrick's Day - Ireland

~ Sun-27-Mar-05 UK BST - British Summer Time starts

~ Sun-27-Mar-05 Easter Sunday

~ Sun-03-Apr-05 US DST - Daylight Saving Time starts

~ Wed-06-Apr-05 Chakri day - festival for King Rama 5 Thailand

~ Fri-08-Apr-05 Total Solar Eclipse

~ Fri-15-Apr-05 Songkran festival starts - Thailand

~ Sun-17-Apr-05 London Marathon. The finish is about 1900 Thai time.

~ Fri-22-Apr-05 International Earth Day

~ Sat-23-Apr-05 Passover (Begins at Sundown*) - Jewish holiday

~ Sun-24-Apr-05 Penumbral Lunar eclipse



Saturday - The Pattaya Expats Club - meet at Green Tree Pub each week 1130

Saturday - UK Club of Pattaya meet each week at a different location at 1:00pm (1300). Call 038-426098 for venue

Saturday - The PRILL (a classical music trio) will be performing in the Lobby of the Bangkok/Pattaya Hospital 10:30am to mid-day (1030-1200). Performances every 1st Saturday of the month in the Lobby.

Saturday - Free Masons, Lodge Pattaya West Winds. Every 2nd Sat of the month. Call Jon Morgan 012999574

Sunday - The Scandinavian Expats of Pattaya - meet at Soi 4 Tower Condo every second Sun. Call John 015236080 or Per 070833834.

Monday - Rotary Club of Pattaya - meet at Town in Town hotel each Monday from 7:00pm (1900)

Monday - Pattaya Bridge Club. 2pm every week in the coffee shop, Pattaya Beach Tower, Soi 4

Tuesday - Pattaya International Ladies Club (PILC) Morning coffee meeting every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Also PILC Lunch meeting every 1st Tuesday of the month. Special meeting for 'newcomers' 4th Monday of each month. Contact Patricia Cromwell for locations and speakers, or email

Wednesday - Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya, Royal Cliff Grand from 1830. Call Judy Hoppe 099302004

Wednesday - Lions Club of Jomtien - meet at Town in Town hotel each 2nd Wed of the month. Call Peter 038303072.

Thursday - Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya meet each week at Woodlands Resort 1900. email

Thursday - Lions Club of Pattaya meet each 3rd Thursday of the month at A-One Cruise hotel.

Friday - Dutch Expats Club meet last Fri of every month at Sea Breeze Hotel Jomtien Beach Road (near Soi 10), email

Friday Night - The Pattaya Motorcycle Club meets at the "Old Speckled Hen" pub, Soi 9, Jomtien Beach from 8 p.m. Meet new friends and enjoy "Bike Club Happy Hours" 8 till 10 with 10 baht off all beers and soft drinks and 15 baht off all spirits. New runs to be organized from day trips to the beach to 2, 3 or 4 day tours to?? Contact Martin 09 9909342 or Az 09 9356011

Every Day - Alcoholics Anonymous meet every day of the week to help. Call Jim 038303285, Craig 019967852, Tony 068403055, Hanns 019849501, Christain (German) 018634581

CONTACTS & CONTRIBUTIONS to our weekly E NEWSLETTER. Bernard Leach is the editor of our Club Newsletter, members with NEWS OR ANNOUNCEMENTS should email in by Wednesday 12 noon at Club Members seeking advice on practical topics such as Visas, work permits or services needed, please send an email direct to our MC and Open Microphone Forum specialist Brian Maxey at If Brian cannot answer your question from his own knowledge of Pattaya he'll forward on to someone who can. Member's emails on club business and policy issues please send to either Club Founder & President Pete Mills on or to Club Vice Presidents, Niels Colov, or Richard Ravensdale

ADVANCE SPEAKERS PROGRAMME. Please think of offering the Club a speaker of your choice on a theme you think members may find interesting. Contact Pattaya Expats Acting Club Secretary, Bernard Leach e-mail with the details.

MEMBERSHIP CARDS. We produce our Club's laminated photo ID cards in just a few minutes at the same Saturday meeting in which you join or renew your membership. So if you are a past Pattaya Expats Club member and you can bring in a past ID card with the words 'Pattaya Expats Club' on you will get a new membership FREE of charge to expire 31 Dec 2005. The cards identify our members to staff at many shops and businesses around Pattaya where Club Members can claim our discounts. There are two membership options one expiring 31 December 2005 for 150 Baht or a Life Membership for 600 Baht. To get a new card please bring in two small driving licence style photos and see Daniel Dandoy or Denis Laurin

PATTAYA EXPATS CLUB ….ON SOPHON CABLE TV. 5 times per day. Watch Club news during the week. A Vice President of the Club, Niels Colov, who is the Chief Executive of 'Pattaya People News Channel' on Sophon Cable, Pattaya City's cable TV operator, has very kindly provided a regular segment of each show, devoted to Pattaya Expats Club news. This is a wonderful regular 'free gift' to our Club of highly valuable TV time! This is a 60 minute local News bulletin five times per day at the following times:
On Cable Channel 5 showing at 0800 hrs and 1200 noon
On cable Channel 2 at 1600hrs and 2400 midnight
Plus peak evening bulletin at 2000hrs on Cable Channel 4.
(These are the channels which show English language movies on Sophon Cable.)

Best Regards to all

From Pattaya Expats Club


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